MULTIPOINT symposium was a very energetic and inspirational spot for generating new ideas and for creative work for me.

Dhaneshwar Shah / India

The event was organized in an excellent way, pleasant and managed by more than a great team.

Lucia Cernekova / Slovakia

MULTIPOINT was a great success and I feel very fortunate to have been involved. It was an opportunity of a lifetime.

Robert Waldeck / Canada

Everything was organized on a very professional level. Multipoint was a successful event definitely worth participating!

Petr Barinka / Czech Republic

I firmly believe painters at any stage of their career would benefit from participating.

Espen Erichsen / Norway

Thanks to the organizers for the little miracle that happened in Nitra.

Jan Kurinec / Slovakia

We had the best fun and professional opportunity to grow as artists and also as humans through MULTIPOINT.

Danka Dimitrijevic / Serbia

The MULTIPOINT experience is truly amazing and one of a kind.

Ekaterina Smirnova / USA

From Multipoint would profit those artists, who want to work, but who also are looking for meeting other artists, spending long evenings and nights in talking about art and who wish to experience that rare feeling that you are among your soul mates.

Dita Luse / Latvia

I can scarcely remember a better time in my life than the ten days or so I spent at Multipoint. It was really a joy to attend this event.

Julian McKinnon / New Zealand

My participation in this project was great and unforgettable experience, where art has managed to bring great people together.

Stefan Doru Moscu / Romania

Every aspect has been organized in a perfect way, so varied and stimulating. I think it was a fundamental experience in artistic and human terms.

Elena Ascari / Italy

At MULTIPOINT things were just flowing, as if problems are the last thing to bother the world. Generosity is the word, Love is the way.

Rafi Munz / Israel

I strongly recommend to the artists not to miss the opportunity of being a part of such an event. You can only benefit from MULTIPOINT.

Corina Papafragkou / Greece

MULTIPOINT was absolutely successful event and a unique opportunity to share my creative experiences in an international context.

Giulio Zanet / Italy

Participation in Multipoint is a good investment for any painter under 90 spend a long working week in Nitra.

Miroir Noir / Spain & Slovakia

MULTIPOINT was a great experience artistically as well as socially. You won´t regret participating in it. Ever!

Henrik Nolte / Germany

What I experienced in Nitra was a great managed event, new people, new styles and contacts. Very effective source of creative energy for my future projects.

Vlado Stacho / Slovakia

Multipoint was truly overwhelming for me. I wish every artist had this kind of experience at least once a year.

Dita Kaplanova / Czech Republic

With their maximum effort, friendly attitude, good mood and willingness MULTIPOINT team created ideal conditions for artistic work. Everything ran completely smoothly.

Jakub Janovský / Czech republic

MULTIPOINT was very important for me, because we were given the opportunity to work without interruptions and no worries about everyday life.

Violeta Tanova / Bulgaria

The most powerful experience for me were new people I could work with at MULTIPOINT – a painting symposium organized on an international level.

Patrícia Koysova / Slovakia